We provide a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty in accordance with the following terms and conditions on the products in our rauch BLACK brand and on the products in our rauch ORANGE brand. This manufacturer’s warranty is given in addition to and besides statutory warranty entitlements. Statutory warranty entitlements against the vendor such as subsequent performance, rescission or claims for damages shall remain unaffected by this warranty and shall not be restricted. The provider of the warranty is Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH, Wendelin-Rauch-Strasse 1, 97896 Freudenberg, Germany.

The manufacturer’s warranty begins upon purchase of the product and this must be proven by presenting the relevant purchase receipt. The warranty applies in countries of the European Union, Great Britain and Switzerland.

This warranty is only valid for private homes and the materials that are used, surface characteristics, functional reliability and proper installation of the hardware in our production process and the proper workmanship in line with industrial series production and/or standards.

For technical reasons, tolerances on furniture and/or parts of furniture cannot be avoided during industrial series production. As long as the colour, dimensional and structural deviations/tolerances are within standard national and international limits, they are deemed to be "typical characteristics of the merchandise".

Subsequent orders and modifications can only be guaranteed until the date on which production of a model or colour/finish variant or design is discontinued, as is customary in this sector of industry.


  • Normal and natural wear and tear
  • Damage resulting from improper transportation, delivery, assembly or disassembly
  • Damage caused by pointed or sharp-edged objects (such as knives) used, e.g., when unpacking the goods
  • Improper exposure to moisture, liquid or unsuitable cleaning agents
  • Environmental effects such as extreme dryness/humidity, light and temperatures
  • Changes to solid wood (warping, fading, fine cracks, etc.) caused by environmental effects
  • Overloading of shelves, wall cupboards or shelf units beyond the permissible upper weight limits
  • Wilful destruction, improper use/application or use other than for the intended purpose, overloading or damage caused by accidents
  • Damage as a result of soiling by animals, heat sources and climatic conditions
  • Improper cleaning or attempts at repair or improvement work
  • Additional services, such as planning, customised manufacture and/or incorrect installation
  • Mould formation/swelling damage in new buildings, e.g. due to extremely high humidity/poor air circulation or items of furniture placed too close to walls
  • Parts that are subject to wear, such as light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and other lamps (including LEDs), as well as transformers and similar components, electrical or electronic ballasts and electronic touch-sensitive switches, even if they are permanently installed.
  • Inadequate horizontal or vertical alignment of the furniture makes it difficult to ensure the optimum adjustment of the hardware and the proper alignment of the doors and drawers, etc., and may over the long term result in damage and consequent invalidity of the warranty.
  • For safety reasons, tilt protection or wall fastening must be provided – if specified accordingly in the instructions.
  • No liability is accepted for damages caused by improper assembly or failure to observe the installation instructions.
  • Claims can only be asserted against the defective part and not against the entire scope of supply. The warranty lapses if the furniture is sold on. The warranty claim includes the rectification of the material defect, and must be channelled through the retail partner. Any claims above and beyond the aforementioned cannot be asserted on grounds of this warranty. This applies, in particular, to claims for reimbursement of expenses or claims for compensation of damages.
  • In the event of a substantiated warranty claim and/or the replacement of a defective part, the follow-on warranty applies only to the replaced new part and not to the entire item of furniture/room. The aforementioned provisions are without prejudice to the statutory warranty entitlements, such as to subsequent performance, rescission or claims for damages.
  • Please keep all the documentation, and especially the assembly instructions and the corresponding manufacturing label/product labels, in a safe place. If the furniture is assembled by a retail partner, please also keep the acceptance and/or service report.

General characteristics and evaluation criteria for industrially manufactured furniture pursuant to DIN EN 68871:

  • Distance for assessing the defect: 70 cm in diffuse lighting conditions (cloudy sky, no additional light sources/spots)
  • The reason for complaint must be immediately obvious to an amateur The surface must feel smooth when stroked with the palm of the hand
  • Question: does the complaint refer to fronts or parts that are not directly visible and/or are secondary?
  • In new condition, the furniture must appear harmonious and free of defects overall when viewed (at eye level) at a distance of 2-3 metres. Is the reason for complaint substantial or not?



In the event of a warranty claim, please contact Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH, Wendelin-Rauch-Strasse 1, 97896 Freudenberg, Germany, .

Compliance with the following is very helpful to ensure the quickest possible assistance in the case of damages:

  • Detailed documentation/description of the defect(s), incl. the actual/presumed cause.
  • At least 3 photos of the damaged part, taken from different perspectives. These must be provided to the manufacturer.
  • A close-up of the defect using a reference object, such as a coin.
  • A photograph of the entire part (please mark the defect).
  • A photograph of the entire piece of furniture (please mark the defect).