Connected with nature.

All rauch furniture comes from multi-certified, sustainable production. The environmental wood comes exclusively from native, sustainably managed forests.

Sustainable from the beginning

Sustainability is not just a trend for us. We have been taking responsibility for over 125 years and have set ourselves ambitious goals. This is how our sustainable production method – since 1897 – has won several awards.


Continuation follows – we promise!

Did you know that ...

... we produce our furniture exclusively to order. This means that we only produce what customers have actually ordered. We do not have a warehouse. This guarantees that no goods have to be disposed of at the end.

... we utilise remains and leftovers from production as a resource. We reuse chipboard remains that accumulate during our chipboard and furniture production for energy generation. In addition, we collect about 80 tonnes of waste wood annually for recycling, process it extensively and use it for thermal energy generation.


... we supply our administration and the Otto-Rauch-Stift retirement and nursing home with heat via a local heating network.

... we rely on short transport routes. The majority of our suppliers come from Germany and our production sites are centrally located in our main sales region of Europe.

... we work with partners for whom sustainability is also a matter close to their hearts. We also pay attention to compliance with sustainability standards when selecting our suppliers.

... we have committed ourselves to optimising our energy consumption every year through the introduced DIN ISO 50001 energy management system.


... we use our electric car, bicycles and scooters, among other things, for transport on our company premises.

... we received the German Sustainability Award because we address the key challenges of sustainability with appropriate strategies and measures and achieve measurable success.