Convincing service quality!

Our claim is to give you a good feeling with our furniture. 

We assure you that our products are manufactured in environmentally friendly processes in a first-class and sustainable manner, are carefully tested before their introduction and are harmless to health according to the respective state of the art. The awards received by our furniture and group of companies confirm the high standard of quality.

From the raw material to the design to the end product, all rauch furniture is 100% "Made in Germany" from multiple certified and sustainable production. That is why we grant a 10-year rauch manufacturer's guarantee on rauch ORANGE and rauch BLACK furniture.

However, should it happen that your delivery is incomplete or you wish to complain about components of your order, we will be happy to help you with our complaints form.

IMPORTANT: The contractual partner (e.g. the furniture store, the online shop ...) is responsible for communicating and processing your complaint. We, as furniture manufacturer, help you with this form to simplify processing on the part of our trade partners. Therefore, please do not send the completed complaint form to our contact.

How to proceed ...

In our short explanatory video, we show you what information your contractual partner needs to record your complaint.

Step-by-step guide

Information on the cover sheet of the assembly instructions:

1. enter customer order

2. enter the material number

3. enter assembly instructions

Further information from the assembly instructions.

4. enter the picture number (shown in round and square borders).

5. enter the number of missing parts or parts to be complained about.



You can also print out the complaint form and fill it in so that you have it to hand with your individual information when you visit the furniture store or telephone the contract partner.

Open complaint form (PDF)