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One wardrobe, endless storage space:
Designing an apartment interior needs precise planning to ensure the space is used as efficiently as possible. But how many people plan wardrobe interiors with this same level of care? A customised wardrobe design is a fantastic way of gaining – and maintaining – huge amounts of space. And there are amazingly practical solutions available to do this: clothes lifts, door dampers, pivoted lights and laundry baskets to name just a few ...

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The Wardrobe in a modern home

Wardrobes are mostly found in every apartment because they provide plenty of storage space for clothes, underwear, shoes and more.


The most common place for a wardrobe is the bedroom but their use is not restricted purely to the bedroom. A sliding door wardrobe could be the solution for storage needs in the entrance hall – plenty of space for shoes, coats, scarfs, hats and more. 


Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes - small wardrobes for a single household. Small sized rooms benefit from sliding door wardrobes or from cabinet sets that add height to the wardrobe. Wall systems and wardrobes for the whole family provide sufficient space for a complete family household.


Various Wardrobe models

Wardrobes with hinge doors are probably the most common wardrobes in every household. They are available in different variations, sizes, door counts and widths. Hinge doors can be opened to the outside, to the right or left or in both directions. The hinges and drawers can even be dampened to reduce noise. But, depending on the size of the cabinet and the radius of the door, hinged-door wardrobes may not be suitable for small or cramped rooms.


Corner wardrobes fit perfectly in every corner of the bedroom. They are even well suited for small rooms, because they take up little space on the wall. If there are unused room corners, then a corner wardrobe might be the perfect solution. A corner wardrobe leaves plenty of room for other furniture and additions later on. Visually, they are an eye-catcher, as they interrupt the right-angled shape of the room and thus provide contrast to the room shapes we are used to.


Sliding-door wardrobes or floating door wardrobes are ideal for small apartments, since the doors do not open out into the room but are pushed aside to save space. The sliding doors are only mounted on top of rails and therefore act at the bottom as if they were floating. With sufficient care, sliding door wardrobes are almost silent – a perfect solution if the partner is still asleep. Although sliding-door wardrobes are ideal for rooms with a small footprint: their chic and elegantly modern design lets any room shine.


Wardrobe systems

A wardrobe system that accompanies you through different steps in life. With our system, you can combine any number of different elements and thus adapt to different challenges. Cabinet systems can start with a single small wardrobe and then be extended arbitrarily in width and upwards. Individual elements can be combined and rebuilt. On the inside, cupboard systems can be extended, shelves can be adjusted or reconfigured and there is space for clothes, shirts and coats on clothes rails.