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RAUCH – The Company

The family-owned company has been based in Freudenberg am Main ever since it was founded in 1897.

Once a small carpenter’s workshop, over the decades it has evolved into the international group we know today. As well as the company’s own chipboard factory in Markt Bibart, which produces the high-quality wood materials for its bedroom furniture, Rauch has four furniture production sites to its name.

Rauch actively embraces its responsibility for the environment and society, which is why the company rigorously pursues its objective of manufacturing ecologically and socially sustainable furniture.

For example, Rauch only uses wood from regional, sustainably managed forests, and makes sure that none of this scarce resource is wasted.

rauch showroom entry

The Rauch Group

The Rauch Group is structured into a number of company sections under the general management of Michael Stiehl. The headquarters of the company are located in Freudenberg in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, where the ORANGE (m) and BLUE brands are manufactured. In Mastershausen, Rauch Möbelwerke manufacture all free-standing cabinets for the BLACK brand – both in either semi-solid furniture or with décor finish. The ORANGE (z) brand with its wide product range has its production site in Bürgstadt.

Markt Bibart is the location of the company's own chipboard plant – all Rauch products are manufactured from high-quality wood materials. Rauch's chipboard plant only uses fresh wood from native forests and has been awarded the PEFC certificate for sustainable forestry.


Facts & Figures


Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH, (furniture factory) in Freudenberg, Germany

Möbelwerke Mastershausen GmbH, (furniture factory) in Mastershausen, Germany

Möbelwerke Bürgstadt GmbH, (furniture factory) in Bürgstadt, Germany

Rauch Spanplattenwerk GmbH, (chipboard factory) in Markt Bibart, Germany


Managing Directors: Michael Stiehl, Andreas Gerecke, Jochen Arndt

CEO, Rauch Spanplattenwerk GmbH (chipboard factory): Dr. Ralf Moog


ca. 1,600 employees
50 apprenticeship positions e.g. as wood mechanic or business administration assistant.


Our main export market is Western Europe, such as UK, Austria, BeNeLux and the Netherlands, also neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe.



Our product-ranges are rauch BLACK, rauch ORANGE, rauch BLUE. We offer numerous different models of

beds and matching pieces (cupboards, bedside tables) and
studio/apartment furniture

The models on this website are only a selection of our complete product range.


We work in a just-in-time-system and forego warehousing. Every day, we register and manufacture about 3,500 orders.

Exhibition Centre

We use about 4,000 m² to present our four product-ranges in our own exhibition centre in Freudenberg.

Production area

200,000 m²


Every year we dispatch over 8 million packs of furniture to our customers in Germany and abroad.

Moreover, we deliver more than 500,000 m³ chipboards from our chipboard factory in Markt Bibart every year to furniture and door manufacturers.