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When furnishing an apartment most people plan exactly what will happen and how the room can be optimally used. However, only a few take the trouble to plan the wardrobe interior with the same level of care.

And this in spite of the fact that an individual, well thought-out wardrobe interior not only provides a better overview of all your clothes, but also maximizes your storage space.

Whether it's a clothes lifttrouser holderdrawer insertscoat rack holder or half-half division: there are many great ways to realise your personal preferences when planning your wardrobe. After all, everyone has their own way of sorting their clothes.

With the right accessories you can structure your wardrobe to suit you and turn it into a real space miracle, so that everything is, and stays, in perfect order. 

Some of our great wardrobe accessories to improve your storage experience

Shelves are part of the basic equipment of every wardrobe. Rightly so, because a lot can be stored here – directly on the shelf or in beautiful boxes.
Pull-out shelves
Pull-out shelves offer additional comfort and a perfect overview, as they make it easy to reach the garments at the back of the wardrobe.
Drawers are extremely practical in many respects: underwear and socks, for example, can be hidden here perfectly.
Half-half division
You planned too big? No problem! With the half-half division, a wide cabinet element can be divided into two smaller ones in no time at all - with shelves and clothes rail.
Clothes lift
A clothes lift is especially practical for high cupboards. It allows you to bring down Shirts & co. to your level effortlessly.
Interior cabinet lights
... with motion detector. Cabinet lights illuminate the dark and ensure that you can recognize the colours of your garments at all times. Motion detectors are an additional luxury that make manual switching superfluous.
Clothes rail
A clothes rail is also an integral part of every wardrobe. Jackets, dresses, etc. can be stored here crease-free.
Coat rack holder
A coat rack holder is a nice detail: It’s the perfect place to hang the outfit for the next day.
Hook strips
Hook strips for the inside of the cupboard are versatile and make even better use of the available space.
Trouser holder
A pull-out trouser holder with a self-closing mechanism makes choosing the right legwear in the morning more comfortable than ever.
Tie and belt holder
The right tie for your shirt? A tie bar provides a good overview and guarantees no creases.
A belt holder is the ideal storage place for these everyday accessories.
Door dampers
Doors close gently and quietly with door dampers. A blessing for the ears!

Great storage solutions for many purposes!

  • Wardrobe with drawers, clothes lift, interior light and a shelf insert

  • Wardrobe with shoe shelves

  • Wardrobe with additional shelves

  • Wardrobe with shelves and clothes rails

  • Wardrobe with shelves and clothes rails

  • Wardrobe with shelves, clothes rails and drawers

  • Wardrobe with shelves, clothes rails, drawers, half-half-division, interior mirror and a swivelling tie & belt rack

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