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When furnishing an apartment most people map out exactly the use and purpose of the rooms. However, only a few people take the trouble to plan the interior of their wardrobe with the same level of care. And this despite knowing that a well thought through interior maximizes storage space and provides a better overview of all garments.

Rauch furniture provides a wide range of versatile wardrobes with customized interior design. Whether it’s a clothes lift, pull-out trouser holder, drawer insert, coat rack or a half-half division: there are many great ways to design your perfect wardrobe interior. After all, everyone has their own way of organizing their clothes.

With the right interior fittings, you can plan and organize the layout of your wardrobe interior to suit your needs and create an ideal fit just for you. Turn your wardrobe into a flawless storage system so that everything is, and stays, in perfect order. Become the designer of your own custom wardrobe.

Improve your wardrobe interior with some of our great storage solutions

Shelves are part of the basic interior of any wardrobe. Rightly so, as wardrobe shelving provides much needed storage space – directly on the shelf or in beautiful storage boxes. They maximize the available space and can be used as stylish design features.
pull out shelfs
Pull-out shelves
Pull-out shelves offer additional comfort and style as well as a perfect overview. They facilitate easy access to all garments, even at the back of the drawer. They are a must have interior fitting for anyone who wants to organize their bedroom furniture.
drawer inserts
Drawers are extremely practical in many respects. Not only can underwear and socks be hidden away; these storage solutions offer a neat and tidy space for all the odd bits of your wardrobe.
half half divisions
Half-half division
Planned in too much space? Not a problem! Our half-half division inserts break down one large wardrobe element into two smaller spaces – each with additional shelves and a clothes rail. The shelf kit allows for easy organization of garments and maximizes storage space.
clothes lift
Clothes lift
This adjustable pull-down clothes rail is particularly practical for tall wardrobe. Shirts and dresses are stored way up top and can effortlessly be brought down for easy access. This wardrobe add-on is a superb storage solution for organizing your closet.
interior lighting
Interior cabinet lights
… with motion detector. Cabinet lights illuminate the dark and ensure that you can recognize the colours of your clothes at all times. The built-in motion detectors offer additional luxury, making manual switching on of the lights superfluous.
clothes rails
Clothes rail
Clothes rails are an integral part of every wardrobe. Jackets, shirts, suits and much more can be stored crease-free. Long items like maxi skirts or dresses can be hung up without dragging on the floor.
coat rack holder
Coat rack holder
Coat racks are an excellent design detail for any dresser. It is the ideal place to hang up an outfit in preparation for the next day. Furthermore, they can be used to store bulky jackets or temporarily hang other items of clothing.
hook bars
Hook strips
Hook rails make great use of the available space inside a wardrobe. They are a versatile, space saving design feature for hanging delicate pieces of jewellery, belts, scarves and other small items.
trouser pullouts
Trouser holder
This pull out closet organizer for trousers makes choosing the right pair of trousers in the morning easier than ever before. The self-closing mechanism is a perfect fit for any Rauch furniture wardrobe.
tie holder
Tie and belt holder
The right tie for your shirt? Organize your ties and belts with a tie and belt hanger. This unit provides a good overview of your items and guarantees crease-free ties. The tie and belt holder is an organizational wonder for everyday accessories.
door dampers
Door dampers
No more banging doors. Finish your bespoke wardrobe design with fitted soft-close door dampers. The mechanism catches doors before they bang shut and softly eases closed. It’s a true blessing for the ears.

Great storage solutions for many purposes!

  • Wardrobe with drawers, clothes lift, interior light and a shelf insert

  • Wardrobe with shoe shelves

  • Wardrobe with additional shelves

  • Wardrobe with shelves and clothes rails

  • Wardrobe with shelves and clothes rails

  • Wardrobe with shelves, clothes rails and drawers

  • Wardrobe with shelves, clothes rails, drawers, half-half-division, interior mirror and a swivelling tie & belt rack

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