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DGM guidelines for proper assembly of furniture by furniture retail specialists


The advisory and planning phase should already incorporate the load values and/or safety information provided by the manufacturer as well as considering the structural conditions and any possible obstacles. The indicated sizes constitute approximate dimensions in all cases.



The furniture must be assembled by trained experts with proven qualifications and in accordance with the installation guidelines.



Sufficient clearance must be provided for rear ventilation when placing against outer walls and near thermal bridges. Any deviations from this instruction must be explicitly requested by the end customer. This must be documented accordingly on the assembly acceptance report and countersigned by the customer. The furniture must be accurately aligned both vertically and horizontally to the spaces/structural conditions. Furniture must always be aligned horizontally to avoid any consequential damages.


Assembly instructions

The furniture must be assembled properly and correctly in compliance with the manufacturer's assembly instructions and depending on the model. Any instructions for assembly and operation that are included in the scope of supply, including any assembly and disassembly tools for a specific model, must be handed over to the customer as they form an integral part of the furniture.

Wall-mounted assemblies and furniture designs with specified tilt protection are only permissible if the enclosed hardware is used and the load-bearing capacity of the walls is sufficient, e.g. brick walls. If necessary, alternative hardware that is suitable for the wall conditions must be used in specific cases. The wall properties and load values of the furniture must be clarified when placing the order or before assembling the furniture, at the very latest. If in doubt, drill a trial hole. All carcase elements, frames, feet, hardware connections and safety catches must be locked into place, bolted and fastened securely, and properly positioned and adjusted prior to the furniture being used. This is purely for your own personal safety.


Electronic components

The electrical components and appliances must be tested before installing and connecting them in accordance with currently applicable standards and the manufacturer's instructions. Electrical wires and/or cables must not be independently adjusted (shortened, lengthened, etc.) using anything other than the enclosed components. Equally, any modifications to the enclosed components and appliances is not permitted.


Product acceptance

The furniture must be properly assembled prior to handover to/acceptance by the customer. The functional reliability and usability, safety, care and maintenance of the furniture must be guaranteed without restriction, and the product must be free of any obvious material defects. The customer must sign an acceptance report as proof of contract performance.

Reduced display/showroom furniture does not constitute as-new condition upon transfer of risk. Changes and traces of use that typically occur when merchandise is used for display purposes must be documented in the acceptance report, together with detailed photographs.