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rauch - quality and sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

Green is great – The best for you and the environment

Modern, attractive bedroom and storage space solutions that are "made in Germany", which perfect match your personal style, and are still affordable: this is what Rauch has stood for since 1897. Bedroom furniture created to exacting standards of quality and sustainability – in other words, environmentally friendly products that are the key to creating a healthy living space:

it is simply "A Clever Choice in Furniture".

The environment and quality are our top priorities. This is why we affirm that our products are carefully tested before being brought to market, are produced to a superior standard using environmentally friendly processes, and are not hazardous to health according to the state of the art.

But do not just take our word for it – independent testing institutes have certified our furniture's top quality. Different quality characters illustrate that the furniture of Rauch's ORANGE and BLUE collections are excellent. These certificates facilitate the purchase of furniture and guarantee products with a high quality feel for you as a customer.



Our Quality Awards

Made in Germany

"Made in Germany" stands for high quality: High grade materials, solid workmanship using the latest technologies, functionality and longevity as well as high environmental standards and social justice. These are the reasons why all of our production and assembly plants for our collections have been located in Germany since 1897. Rauch – reliable and durable furniture with a high-quality-feel "made in Germany".


German Sustainability Award 2014

For more than 120 years, the name Rauch has stood for high-quality furniture made in Germany.

We use only high-quality materials containing no harmful substances, which we combine with good workmanship, modern design, functionality and durability – and all at affordable prices. Acknowledging our responsibility for the environment and society is central to our values.

Our aim is to produce sustainable furniture. The wood we use comes, without exception, from regional, sustainably managed forests, for example, and our entire production process is CO2 neutral. This is one of the reasons why Rauch was among the winners of the "German Sustainability Award" in 2014.

For more information: "Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis" – Gewinner 2014 (German Text)

Blue Angel – The German Ecolabel

Furniture of rauch's ranges have been awarded the "Blauer Engel" for low-emission wood products and wood-base products (RAL-UZ 38). Four German institutions are in charge of that "national" German environmental label. The "Blauer Engel" ensures protection of human health and environment and an economical use of natural resources. For example, Rauch manufactures the chipboards, used for the furniture production, with wood from sustainable forestry operations.

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PEFC Award

An essential part of our corporate philosophy is the holistic approach to environmental protection. Sustainable and responsible use of forest resources and our valuable raw material wood throughout the entire processing chain is particularly important to us.

For this reason, the companies of the Rauch Group are certified according to the strict standards of the  forest certification systems PEFC.

The group's own Rauch chipboard plant processes only unpolluted fresh weak and broken wood from domestic, sustainable forestry operations into Woodmax wood materials. The PEFC seal guarantees that the wood used does not come from questionable sources or overexploitation, but from naturally managed forests:

In the certified forests, strict management requirements are implemented that take equal account of ecological, social and economic factors. This means that no more wood is felled there than grows back, afforestation is carried out, biodiversity is preserved and the origin of the wood is certainly legal. Chain of custody certification also confirms that the material flow throughout the entire production process can be tracked and traced.

All this, as well as the completely sustainable production of companies with this seal, is regularly checked by independent experts.

The abbreviation PEFC stands for "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes". Since 1999, this has been based on a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management.


The "Golden M"

The golden M - proofed quality, guaranteed safety and healthy living

The certificate "Goldene M" stands for proofed quality, guaranteed safety and healthy living. It is a mark from the German quality assurance association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.). Customers can be sure that they are buying furniture with a high quality feel and reliably good properties. The furniture is well made, durable, safe and stable as well as harmless to health.

→ Information about the "Golden M" (PDF 0.3 MB)
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Quality and sustainability are close to our hearts. To meet the demands placed on our furniture, we guarantee high-quality workmanship, strict quality standards and durability. For us, quality means that we monitor and control every stage of processing - from the idea in development to delivery. Your trust is important to us! That is why we grant a 10-year rauch manufacturer's warranty for our first-class furniture of our rauch BLACK and rauch ORANGE brands.

You can find more details about our warranty and guarantee conditions here.

Compatible replacements for wear parts are guaranteed for at least 5 years.

For instructions on how to assemble and disassemble the furniture properly, please refer to the instructions enclosed with your furniture or use the search for our assembly instructions

Quality Alliance

quality alliance

The quality alliance is a joint initiative of furniture trade and industry to improve quality in the furniture business and thereby to increase customer satisfaction. It is an alliance for high product quality, simplified logistics and high assembly standards. Rauch participates in the quality alliance since its foundation and seeks to achieve the common goals of industry and trade.


woodmax suistainable wood for healthy living

Rauch developed Woodmax chipboards for use in living rooms. Furniture of Rauch's collections are manufactured with Woodmax. The chipboards are made of fresh wood labelled "low-pollutant" and are manufactured with wood from sustainable forestry operations. Refined with the Rauch TriFront décor printing we create a unique décor and excellent printing surface.

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Rauch TriFront

rauch trifront

The unique Rauch TriFront décor printing surfaces have a triple-coated surface, which is light-resistant, shock proofed and resistant to chemical attacks. Rauch only uses water-soluble and UV varnishes as a basis. Furniture from Rauch's collections meets all requirements with the Rauch TriFront décor printing surfaces.

Signed and sealed quality – guaranteed!

Quality is our top priority. Therefore we affirm that our products are carefully tested before being brought to market, are produced to a superior standard using environmentally friendly processes, and are not hazardous to health according to the state of the art. To ensure your lasting enjoyment of your new furniture, we would ask you to read and observe the following information (which forms an integral part of the purchase contract):

Consumers and retailers should understand that the supply of product from Rauch has certain criteria and that without exception, retailers should consider the following when they offer Rauch products for sale.

All wardrobes and beds are supplied flat packed in all instances. They cannot be transported once built. In some cases, chests of drawers are factory assembled, but often they are also delivered to the UK for subsequent assembly (range dependant). Whether our products are sold for (DIY) home assembly or to be delivered and assembled by the retailer or a 3rd party, the retailer should transport the goods in a furniture or home furnishing specific transport vehicle. Our products are not packaged in a manner that is suitable for delivery by parcel carriers or over long distances where the goods will be trans-shipped and therefore retailers should not distribute any Rauch products in this manner. Products found to be transported by multi drop parcel carriers against the will of the company, will not be covered in the case of transport damage by the companies guarantee.

Our products are distributed from several Rauch owned factories but differ in construction or quality. Mis-representation of the differing qualities is not allowed. Consumers are advised to consider that our products are not necessarily like for like and should make comparisons between different designs and retail offers for clarity.

Our shrunk wrapped products should be stored and transported upright or on their protected edges. Goods should not be stored or transported flat or stacked unless for very short distances and other items should never be placed on top of the flat packed items.

Our products are not suitable for damp environments such as garages and bathrooms.

The products are all component based. All parts are manufactured to order as required to satisfy customers orders or service. No MDF component parts are carried in stock. The final check of flat packed wardrobes or chests cannot be made until the product is assembled at the consumers property. In the event of missing, damaged or mis packed items being discovered, we will supply the requested components and not full wardrobes or chests as replacement as urgently as possible. Remembering that the components need to be re-manufactured to order, in all cases. Missing fixings will be posted to retailers as required but cannot be distributed by overnight carriers.

Rauch products are not fitted wardrobes and always require additional clearence. Typically assembly of the final panels will require 15cm to one side for Blue and Orange wardrobes and 8cm to one side for Orange+ and Black wardrobes (remember to measure between skirting boards). Retailers are responsible to communicate this requirement if the product is shown online. Similarly, clearence of 8 cm or more above the wardrobe is needed for assembly. Rauch products are free standing (not fitted) and need to stand on a flat floor or be levelled to stand flat with suitable wedges or construction.

Maintenance:​Rauch products offer a superb, quality solution for bedrooms. The products are extremely strong and hard wearing however, they are built for the storage of clothing and furnishing. Nothing should be stored on top of wardrobes and heavy items such as books and bulky consumer goods should be stored with consideration to the weight limits. All wardrobes are supplied with fixings for wall anchoring. Surfaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth but should not be left with standing water on the surface. Products cannot be pushed or dragged. Please empty and dismantle the wardrobes and reassemble if you wish to move the product at all. Back panels are loose fit, grooved construction to allow easy assembly and disassembly and multi positioning of shelves.