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Your closet. Your dresser. Your bed.

In excellent quality.

Unconcerned living: 10 years warranty

Buying furniture is not an everyday occurrence – all the more important that you can rely on good quality. yourJOYce is so produced that you will enjoy it for a long time. That's why we include an eight-year guarantee on the two-year statutory warranty – for 10 years of carefree living!

More details on our warranty and guarantee conditions can be found here. 

Environmentally friendly production – made in Germany!

Do you prefer to buy sustainable products and take a bicycle instead of a car? With yourJOYce your wardrobe is also manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and 100 % made in Germany!

Rauch manufactures its furniture from domestic wood in CO2-neutral production.
yourJOYce (like all SELECT-models) is poduced in "Bürgstadt am Main" (Franconia).

In the production of furniture, we attach great importance to a resource-conserving working method:
The wood is used efficiently and energy is used sparingly.
This also helps us to offer our products at a reasonable price.

In 2014, Rauch was named "Germany's most sustainable medium-sized company" for its sustainable corporate strategy – an important milestone and an incentive for the future.

Further information can be found here:

German Sustainability Award – Winner 2014

Wohngesunde Möbel

As with organic food, it is important to ensure that products are not contaminated with harmful substances and do not emit unhealthy vapours.

The "Blue Angel" eco-label for smoking products proves that, in addition to sustainable production, the furniture is also healthy to live in, i.e. harmless to health.

Sloping floors? No problem!

Thanks to integrated level compensation, yourJOYce makes it easy to level uneven floors.

This extra is available as standard and at no extra cost!


The "Alliance for Quality" ("Bündnis für Qualität") is a joint initiative of furniture retailers and manufacturers. Rauch works together with its trading partners to continuously improve product quality – also with regard to logistics and assembly standards. So that you are completely satisfied!

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Design your personal wardrobes and chests of drawers – with our online configurator!

Choose shape, colour and handles! Simply drag and drop the elements onto your furniture. At the end you can print out a PDF of your configuration or send it to yourself by e-mail. This makes ordering in a furniture store very easy!