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yourJOYce wardrobes for neat freaks

Your style doesn't fit in drawers? Great! yourJOYce offers fans of order and organisation not only chests of drawers and wardrobes, but also extendable shoe baskets, scarf holders, jewellery boxes, a practical clothes lift and much more. All your favourite items are always neatly stored away.

Personalised chests of drawers for more than just clothing

Chests of drawers offer enough storage space for everything that should not be lying around. In the bedroom, they are ideal for underwear, socks, belts, hats and bed linen, while in the bathroom they are useful for towels and in the hallway they make space for scarves, hats, gloves, shoes and bags.

But of course chests of drawers can also be used for other things. Children's toys, board games, sofa cushions and much more can be stored in the yourJOYce chest of drawers. It is up to you what you use it for.

The interior of the wardrobe caters to a neat freak’s every wish

Single socks lying around, crumpled shirts, trousers that are carelessly thrown onto bed or chair - the nightmare of every neat freak!

yourJOYce cupboards and chests of drawers offer plenty of space for all your things. No more squeezing them into the wardrobe or stacking them chaoticly! Choose enough compartments, drawers and clothes rails to keep everything neat and tidy.

Whether it's a clothes lift, jewellery insert or mesh basket - choose the perfect interior arrangement for your favourite items! Drawers, shoe racks, belt compartments and much more will delight every neat freak.

Wardrobe and chest of drawers just the way you want them!

Just a few steps separate you from the wardrobe or chest of drawers that will help you keep things neat and tidy.

Step 1: 

Your wardrobe or chest of drawers can be adapted to your needs! Whether a single wardrobe, double wardrobe or corner wardrobe - simply choose the size that meets your requirements.

Step 2: 

Hinged door or sliding door, with or without mirror, coloured or wooden finish? It's yourJOYce! Should your tastes change, you can simply change the front of the wardrobe without having to buy a whole new unit.

Step 3:

Choose your favourite handle and grip strips to perfect the exterior of your wardrobe or chest of drawers. From the simple knob to the sophisticated bar, there's something for everyone.

Step 4:

Live your life to the fullest when designing the interior of your wardrobe! Think of all your clothes or items of fashion you want to store away. We have clothes rails, mesh baskets, jewellery boxes, trouser racks, drawers and much more to bring order to your life.

Create the perfect organizer for your clothes and accessories

create your style - yourJOYce
Design furniture of your choice
Design your personal wardrobes and chests of drawers – with our online configurator!

Choose shape, colour and handles! Simply drag and drop the elements onto your furniture. At the end you can print out a PDF of your configuration or send it to yourself by e-mail. This makes ordering in a furniture store very easy!
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