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yourJOYce wardrobes and chests for globetrotters

You love faraway countries and want to design your home with an ethnic touch? No problem with "yourJOYce". “yourJOYce” offers the most beautiful ethnic wardrobes and chests of drawers perfect for globetrotters. With lots of room for clothes, shoes, handbags all in your very own style!

Wardrobes and chests of drawers in an ethnic style

Inspired by different countries, the furniture, such as wardrobes and chests of drawers, is like the cultures themselves, diverse and interesting. In the Far East you will often find wooden frames decorated with colourful ornaments or a rustic look caused by years of use. Admittedly, yourJOYce wardrobes are not quite this exotic but they are perfectly suited to the taste of a true globetrotter.

Oriental prints, Asian ornaments, and African patterns in bright colours, as well as fleece dresses, pump pants, traditional robes and eye-catching accessories – these are typical elements of the ethnic style. yourJOYce chests of drawers and wardrobes can be designed to fit the look. At the same time they offer plenty of room to store all the clothes and fashion accessories from faraway countries.

You like to travel the world and love to bring home traditional costumes, souvenirs and accessories ? Then decorate your yourJOYce chest of drawers with these items and find enough space inside the wardrobe for the precious costumes without creasing them.

yourJOYce offers a touch of distant cultures with unusual colours and unconventional styles.

In 4 easy steps to your favourite wardrobe and chest of drawers

Step 1: 

Should it be a single, corner or double wardrobe? Good to know: Even if you decide on a single wardrobe, you can expand it to a corner wardrobe at any time.

The yourJOYce chests of drawers have enough space for all your travel souvenirs. Determine the number of drawers and enjoy the storage space for bags, jewellery, figurines and much more.

Step 2: 

Are you still unsure about the colour? Be brave when it comes to choosing the colour. The doors of yourJOYce wardrobes are available separately. You can change the look at any time without having to replace the entire cabinet.

Step 3:
yourJOYce offers handles and handle strips just the way you want them to be. You determine the look of your wardrobe or chest of drawers!

Step 4:
Get to work on the interior: There are clothes lifts, mesh baskets, trouser hangers, jewellery inserts and much more to choose from. From Indian Saris to East African Kitenges or Chinese Hanfus - you will find enough space in your wardrobe for every item.

create your style - yourJOYce
Design furniture of your choice
Design your personal wardrobes and chests of drawers – with our online configurator!

Choose shape, colour and handles! Simply drag and drop the elements onto your furniture. At the end you can print out a PDF of your configuration or send it to yourself by e-mail. This makes ordering in a furniture store very easy!
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yourJOYce – your style!

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