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Are you dreaming of a new bedroom ...

Michael Stiehl, Managing Director

... longing for a change in your home
and looking for a contemporary perspective on home furnishing?

Leaf through the next pages to see our ideas for making these dreams a reality. Let yourself be inspired. We are bound to have the furniture that matches your personal style, creates the high-quality, feel-good environment you are looking for, and yet is still affordable. Read on and have fun dreaming – and making your dreams come true!

Modern, attractive bedroom and storage space solutions that are "made in Germany", perfect match your personal style, and are still affordable: this is what Rauch has stood for since 1897.

Bedroom furniture created to exacting standards of quality and sustainability – in other words, environmentally friendly products that are the key to creating a healthy living space:

it is simply "A Clever Choice in Furniture".

The environment and quality are our top priorities. This is why we affirm that our products are carefully tested before being brought to market, are produced to a superior standard using environmentally friendly processes, and are not hazardous to health according to the state of the art. But do not just take our word for it – independent testing institutes have certified our furniture‘s top quality.

Here you will find an overview of all Rauch products. Be inspired by the large selection of high quality bedroom furniture, made in Germany. Just click onto the picture ...
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