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Otto-Rauch-Foundation Freudenberg

otto rauch stift

Giving people attention, being a good companion to them in their later years and ensuring they are not left alone with their concerns and needs – this is the credo of our facility, which was established in 1999. The Caritas welfare association runs this institution, with their highly-qualified staff ensuring professional care for up to 70 older people and people in need of care.

In 2009, the Otto-Rauch-Foundation extended its scope to include the "50plus " assisted living concept. This residential home features open, barrier-free living units with a range of facilities and designs, and is able to adapt to the needs of each individual.

Whether short-term care or assisted living – the Otto-Rauch-Stift is designed as an open facility in which Caritas staff provide their services against the background of the personal history of each client, observing the uniqueness and dignity of the individual and his social, cultural and religious development..

For further information please visit www.caritas-tbb.de

Rauch Museum – Provenance and Present

Rauch museum

With the festive opening of its own museum February 12th, 2009, Rauch Möbelwerke has set a clear sign of the enormous success potential of traditional entrepreneurship. In the exhibition, the Freudenberg-based company provides insights into its corporate culture going back over 120 years. A small museum of furniture history.

The museum does not only show the history of the Rauch company, but also some significant examples of the development of Rauch-relevant furniture, particularly bedrooms and their manufacture. It begins with a series of historical depictions and ends with insights in today’s manufacturing processes.

For further information please click here www.rauchmuseum.de

Rauch-Zoo Freudenberg

rauch zoo

For many years now, the furniture company Rauch has treated both itself and the people in its home town to a very special luxury: a zoo with no admission charge. Spacious meadows on the gentle slope above the company site were fenced off to keep such animals as zebras, Bactrian camels, alpacas, large Patagonian maras, fallow deer, ostriches and emus. Some of the enclosures are shared by several species.

The Rauch Zoo came into being in 1993 when the owning family decided to add further species of animals to the ponies they already had. Today, visitors can also marvel at Bennett tree kangaroos and a herd of llama. Some time ago, a three-part climbing cage was populated with Berber apes. A looped trail with detailed information boards takes the visitor past all the pastures.

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