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Rauch buying guide

Easy tips for buying Rauch bedroom furniture

If you are thinking about furnishing your bedroom, you need to consider some aspects:

Which wardrobe size do I need?

This will depend on:

  • the size of room the wardrobe is going into,
  • how many people are going to use it,
  • how much space you need for clothes.

You need to:

  • measure your space carefully from floor to ceiling and the length of wall available,
  • take account of radiators, electric sockets, windows and curtain rails to make sure, that the wardrobe will fit in,
  • allow 8 cm clearance above your wardrobe and a 4 cm clearance at floor level to one side of the wardrobe. (This is critical if you are fitting between walls (alcove), or fixed objects).

Which door type do I need for my wardrobe?

You can choose between different styles of doors depending on:

  • ease of usage,
  • space requirements,
  • maintenance

The following door types are available:

  • Hinged and folding door wardrobes

Please consider the space in your room to open the doors comfortably to access your clothes. Hinged doors do allow you to look into your wardrobe to see everything at one go. There are a lot of different finishes available, from very traditional designs, to very funky modern designs made of contemporary material and finishes.

hinged doors
swivel door cabinet
folding doors
folding doors
  • Sliding door wardrobes

They glide horizontally on metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. They can be very practical and especially good for rooms tight on space, as you do not need to think about space to open the wardrobe doors, but equally, large impressive slider wardrobes give a distinction to a large bedroom.

sliding doors
hover door

Which material or design should I select?

The type of material is a big factor in determining the visual quality of the furniture and price.

Depending on the product range, you can choose from the following wardrobe fronts to perfectly match your personal style:

  • glass
  • mirrors
  • high gloss
  • many wood grain, plain or alternative décor finishes, creating 100s of possibilities.

Mirrored wardrobe doors can add light and the feeling of space to a room. Mirrors are a stylish and practical solution for our bedroom/dressing room space and therefore amongst our most popular purchases. Wardrobes are made of particleboard. This is a High-Quality-MDF, which is a very stable and strong solution material for solid constructions.

Please feel free to browse our ranges or look out for exclusive collections offered by retailers nationwide. Rauch offer a variety of materials and designs available for bedroom furniture.

Which storage requirement do I have?

Our wardrobes offer extensive storage space; they are often higher, deeper and wider than preassembled wardrobes.

  • Think about which items and clothing you want to store.
  • Is a wardrobe sufficient or do you need additional storage space, e.g. a chest of drawers or a bed drawer?
  • Which interior accessories do you need?

Our product display downloads (found with each range on the UK website) indicate what we include with our individual ranges as standard.

Your specialist retailer will be happy to help you put together an individual solution.

What kind of chests of drawers is Rauch offering?

Chests are available with each range, for example:

bedside chests, tall chests, wide chests and narrow chests to compliment your wardrobes for more, see our product range which provides chests of drawers.

rauch animation accessoires

Which interior accessories does Rauch offer?

The following accessories are available for many of our wardrobes:

• interior chests
• additional hanging rails and shelves
• lights, additional interior drawer types, tie rails, shoe racks and the like

More extras are available for most series and are shown:

• on the product display
• at our accessories page 

For further help and advice, we recommend that you consult a Rauch furniture retailer near you.

Important advices for accessories

  • Rauch wardrobes have multi-bore interior panels allow a maximum flexibility in using extra interior options.
  • Shelves can be fastened and moved to many different positions. They are not connected to the back panel to allow this flexibility and change of height as you change your requirements. Maximum loading capacity of a shelf is 15 – 20 kg, depending on the wardrobe.
  • Hanging rails can be secured at many points (usually best below a shelf). You can use two hanging rails above one another in all of our full hanging sections (i.e. no external or internal drawer sets), but consider the length of your clothes/items.
  • Interior drawers should normally be standing on the wardrobe base. They offer excellent additional drawer storage. Please note that there are sometimes restrictions on where they can be used on sliding door robes (your local retailer should be able to advise).
  • ½ / ½ dividers can be used to split up a wardrobe section into part shelving and part hanging as you desire.
  • Soft close door function is often possible with the use of our ‘soft close’ mechanism or hinges. In some cases, these are included either in our range or by the retailer.
  • Other extras – Lights, rails, racks etc. Options are possible depending on ranges but you need the advice offered by your local retailer.

Here you will find an overview of all Rauch products. Be inspired by the large selection of high quality bedroom furniture, made in Germany. Just click onto the picture ...
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The retail market has changed considerably in recent years and we are keen that our furniture is offered by retailers in a fair and considered way. However, eventually our furniture is offered for sale by the retailer and not us. We advise that retailers adhere to our supply guidelines and consumers should be aware of certain topics, summarised in our ‘important Information’ sheet. Please refer to this information and check that your preferred retailer is handling and offering you Rauch products as they are intended. This information includes:

  • Transport general – specifically no general parcel carriers
  • Misrepresentation – Goods should be offered as supplied by Rauch
  • Limitations – environment
  • Service parts – Wardrobes are component based
  • Levelling – Consider your floors / carpet gripper on the level
  • Maintenance – General information