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A good bed is the heart of a bedroom and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. This is best done in a tidy room: Therefore, Rauch offers several storage solutions e.g. wardrobes as well as bedside tables and chests of drawers. These help you to organise and are at the same time a design highlight. We have matched them in form and color perfectly to our beds and wardrobes.

The products show below contain articles of your selection. Please keep in mind that our products are available in a broad range of decors that may contain a wider variety of colors and surfaces than returned by the filters that you set.

Matching Pieces

Furniture like chests of drawers or bedside tables help you to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Casual, modern, elegant, unconventional or multi-facetted - bedside tables and cupboards provide that all-important extra storage space. With a range of design combinations available, you can achieve organisational perfection in every room. Due to the clever storage solutions by Rauch, even small bedrooms can be used as a multi-functional place to store belongings and clothes and spend hours of private time.


Chest of Drawers

A perfect chest of drawers in a bedroom creates storage space for all the little things. And it is a real bonus if their shape and colour are a design highlight, too. Rauch offers a wide range of different designs and dimensions, so that the chest of drawers fits perfectly with the other elements of the bedroom. Optional LED lighting further enhances the atmosphere. 

However, chests of drawers do not have to be confined to the bedroom. Even on their own they are versatile and stylish and can be placed everywhere. For example, combined with a coat rack unit, a chest of drawers fits perfectly in a hallway.


Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are a perfect solution for keeping your belongings, e.g. books and clocks, within easy reach without moving out of bed. Rauch has matched their form and color perfectly to its beds, chests of drawers and wardrobes. But there are also suitable variants for upholstered beds and box spring beds.



Rauch`s assortment of beds is very wide and individually customisable in terms of dimensions and design. You`ve got a wide choice of material and colour for the bedframe and headboard. It has never been easier to find the bed of your dreams. 

A highlight: beds that include built-in drawers underneath. This is a useful and popular option to create storage within a bedroom. It’s an easy opportunity to hide things like bedding, bags or other bulky stuff efficiently. 


Modern, attractive bedroom furniture that is “made in Germany”, perfectly matches your personal style, and that is still affordable – this is what Rauch has stood for since 1897. Bedroom furniture created to high standards of quality and sustainability – in other words, environmentally friendly products that are the key to creating a healthy living space: it is simply “A Clever Choice in Furniture”!