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Rauch – assembly videos

Do you need help setting up your wardrobe?
We have created helpful videos for you on the various assembly steps.

Video overview:

Assembly preparation

  1. find assembly instructions
  2. open packages correctly
  3. prepare your tools
  4. sorting screws and fittings

Carcase assembly

  1. mount cabinet base
  2. assemble base, outer wall, rear wall and top shelf of cabinet

Hinged door mounting

  1. mount door fittings
  2. install hinged doors

Adjusting hinged doors

Installing guide rails for sliding doors

  1. prepare guide rails
  2. attach the guide rails to the cabinet

Sliding door assembly

  1. mount guide fittings
  2. hang in and secure sliding doors

Install drawer

  1. assemble drawer
  2. fasten guide rails for drawers
  3. insert drawer