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Denia. Bright and shining.

In the Denia series under the SELECT brand, the mirrors are incorporated attractively into the overall ensemble rather than just hanging on the wall.

Regardless of whether they feature in the headboard or on a cupboard, or constitute the entire front of a wardrobe, Denia can create an extraordinary bedroom with mirrors. Combined with high polish white, they create a modern ambiance for sweet dreams in stylish surroundings. 

SELECT – striking design

Versatile combining within the complete SELECT range is quite easy. Choose colours and designs of beds, wardrobes and drawers and create your individual bedroom. Fresh and trendy colours as well as modern styles are available. The flat-packed furniture can be easily assembled at home. That's the simple way of modern living.

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Available interior colours:

Choose a color and see how it could look like.

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Featured Products

Accessories – SELECT

Accessories – SELECT

SELECT offers a varied range of accessories. In the list of products you will also find a comprehensive list of accessories for the individual customisation and design of your furniture.

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Featured Products